How much money at stake on an IG binary

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Always wanted to know how much money is at risk on a 5/20/hour/daily binary.

I'm sure there must be instances when a lot of the money is skewed to one side or the other. and IG have the financial muscle to move the market in the 30 second/1 minute dead zone to whichever way they want especially when the market is only a point or so from its starting value.

An extreme example - they must cream their pants when there is 5k for up and a hundred for down. I don't think they would have to sell many contracts in the underlying market to move it in their favour.

I keep my bets small these days as I have become paranoid about this due to the number of times the market has suddenly become intensely more active in the dead zone.

After some intense historical back testing and a lot of blind alleys I have come across an aproach that makes consistent profits trading short term binaries on most days over a period of months of trading.

I figure if I keep the bets small and keep my patience they wont be interested in moving the market against me but how small is small? Im working on 5 or less before Heisenburgs uncertainty principle kicks in.

Im just waiting now until they switch me to manual. Then of course its game over