FAQ How Long Does it Take to Make a Stable Income from Trading?

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I don't think i know to many people who have mastered trading and made consistent profits in less than 2 years.


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That's a terrible hypothesis. That sort of attitude won't get you anywhere. Giving up or not getting involved because you are guaranteed to make a loss won't make you a good trader, and that sentiment is complete rubbish.

Did you stop trying to learn how to drive a car because of the distinctly high probability that you couldn't master it from the word go? Didn't you have to take several driving lessons in order to be deemed good enough to drive, let alone possess a license? If you had given up, then you would never have known whether you could drive anyway.

Traders need to learn the hard way - end of story. Whether you're full-time or just the occassional sniper/scalper. You're gonna lose money, and you're gonna have to put the hours in.
I totally agree with u bud.

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Agreed. It takes alot of hard work and commitment. View it as learning another language completely, within which you must remain disciplined and not get greedy! Trade with your head and not with your heart, and be prepared to lose alot of money in the process.
great advice finding it hard not to go to head strong in to it and let emotions take over.

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