FAQ How Difficult is it to Trade?

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Already have one thanks. The reason most struggle is because they are impatient and want to be rich now.
any idiot can find a decent system......the problem is the mindgame.....

few people can handle the trading environment.....Humans are not naturally geared to trade sucessfully

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This is true, but if you are passionate about trading, even when you lose, and still ok with losing trades, then it's not really a job. If you do a job you get paid for so you can pay your bills, but you hate that job, and only doing it for the money, then that's not living either. Find your passion, and give it everything you've got.
Extremely risky, and day trading is not for me, l've tried, but your chances increase if you choose H1 minimum time frame, preferable H4 and daily. It can be done, but requires a ton of patience and small size for which returns are small, until you grow your acc slowly. It's the impatience that makes us all go backwards, and too large of a size.
Well why dont you show us your personal trading results which reveals that trading on the higher tf is better than the lower? So many of us think that time frames make a difference when it doesn.t

That's why I think that threads like this are very useful for newbies.
Great, just remember that each system does not fit everyone's personality. What works for some will not work for others, and it's gonna be painful finding out what works for you and what doesn't. It takes a long time to get there.
It's not photo shopped, but it is a closed acc as of June due to ESMA rules, of which l decided to consolidate to my 3rd acc, which l show no-one. No need to see yours, l share very little.
I joined T2W to help people that were struggling and required answers for certain things they didn't understand, not to be held accountable to an obvious shister, so up yours mate.
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