historical forex data


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i have been trading the cable with little joy....my last trade ,I went short and only minutes later the market went up 50points. Thinking it may come down i still held on to the position and minutes later it went a further 100points.......total near to 150 loss. (present (18723 usd/gbp)
This to all the experts...should I hold on and add funds to protect my margin in the hope that it should come down 185 in the near future and regain my losses. OR close my position.


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150 pips in the space of minutes? Ouch.......Were you trading at the time of a news release?


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hope kills!!.......why were you not 'stopped out'?? & how do you know cable won't simply pullback slightly before continuing the upleg?.....it may well retrace & test a prev resistance level first, but who knows??

a lot depends on your set up/entry & trade expectation etc....but then, that's why stops form part of your trading plan - to protect you when your entry goes awol.

the near term trend is bullish from the 8050 kick up, with a test of 8480/500 holding the support for this most recent pop....were you intending 'shorting' on an intraday pitch? or considering a longer term retrace?......much depends on your time frame & r/r scenario Yuva....as for what you do regards this particular trade, only you can determine (according to your account parameters)....but maybe focus on the contingency for future trades (stops/trade expectancy etc...)


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"historical forex data

anyone know where I can get historical forex data? preferably in Metastock format? Preferably free?


The Mystic Man "

Hi MysticalTrader

Try www.tickplusdata.co.uk



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MysticalTrader said:
anyone know where I can get historical forex data? preferably in Metastock format? Preferably free?



Wanna test your trading system on a reliable history data ?
Welcome to http://www.hisbase.com ...
Intarday forex history collected for seven years.
No gaps, no spikes ... Free updates.
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