historical data


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Does anyone know where I can get end of day historical data for the dow and nas.

Thanks Jake. Next question is how do I convert it from an xpo file to be readable in excel.
Try this one for Exel downloads on the Nazhttp://www.marketdata.nasdaq.com/mr4b.html
hi cigar,
use www.downloadquotes.com

you have to register but that only takes a few minutes.
you have to experiment a bit otherwise you
tend to get the constituents of the index and not the index itself, but it can be done.
you can download in xls format as well as ascii and others.
be careful though it can play hell with the
phone bill!!£$"@&

Thanks all. I got what I wanted from www.marketdata. It downloads pdq and I've played around with it in xcl.
I'm trying to plot the nasdaq cycle bottoms. I think we are at one just about now!
Unfortunately probably a start of another down cycle. In a down trend, the peak prices occur about 1/4 to 1/3 of the cycle length. Thats about 11 to 15 trading days away.

Probably a load of tosh.