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Can't quite figure this one out. I know the highest High Value function will calculate the highest value over a number of periods including today (e.g. hhv(close,5) will calculate the Highest Close over the preceding 5 periods). What I'm trying to obtain is the Highest High Value over a number of periods x days ago , for example the 5 periods preceding say, June 1st. The last date in the comparison would then be June 1st and the first date in the comparison would be 5 periods prior. I'm sure it's not that difficult but I'm racking my brain here. Many Thanks


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Have a look at following Site that is run by Jose Silva.....


and in particular see the section called - Calendar Reference Indicators.....You may find a way of obtaining values for dates you require.....


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Hi Zambs

Coincidentally I was looking at the very same site as you replied. It offered a nice solution. For those wandering the following can be used:

{ selected period }
start:= 01/04/2004;
end:= 01/04/2005;

{ start and end period }
period:=start AND end;


Thanks for always being so helpful. Cheers
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