Hey Brits, leave Blaine alone

Car Key Boi

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what the hell happened to British hospitality? i know Blaine comes across as a bit of a werdo, but that doesn't excuse such moranic behavior

eggs, golf balls, attempts to cut off his water supply, and now paint ball guns? wtf???

we Yankeetards had to suffer Posh Spice and her moranic husband when they were promoting themselves in NYC and LA, and we suffered them with good grace. It's only fair that yuo return the favor in kind

that is all

- Car Key Boi
If this was a charitable event then I think he would not have had any of this. But let's face it being paid over $5M to sit in a box for 44 days as nothing more than a publicity stunt is probably what has caused this reaction.

I have many American friends and I am sure that many of your fellow Countrymen would be more than happy to be paid over $5M to sit in a box even if it meant a few golf balls and paint balls were thrown at them. I know that I would be happy to do it for that kind of money.

I guess we Brits just don't like infantile attention seekers.

Firstly, the Blaine thing is just a "trick", he's a stage magician for god's sake. The guy's actually put on weight while he's been in the box from looking at the photos in the press. Five million ?
He really is taking the p*** out of the gullible.

Secondly, the mention of David and Victoria. Again, didn't these people's parents ever tell them to stop showing off ?

As a nation, I don't really think anyone really has any time for Mrs Beckham. (Or for that matter, the dreadful Ms Halliwell).
Both thick, both talentless, both rich due to gullible people who'll buy anything.

Perhaps that is why the Beckhams went to the US to try to "launch" themselves over there, knowing that the yanks are a gullible lot who'll buy any old crap.

This rather shrill and desperate "look at me, look at me, no don't look at her, look at me" aura that seems to follow Victoria and Geri is sad in the extreme. I predict a long history of mental illnesss for both when the good looks fade.

(That's my two-pennorth for what it's worth).


Hello Oatman,

There sure is someone up there, as I saw him yesterday sit up, look around, look up, look down and then he went to sleep again. Thousands of Japs then screamed in delight, giggled, reached for their cameras and then set off to catch their planes back to Tokyo. Mr Blaine - for surely it is he - lay motionless under his little blanket. I then dived into a taxi and went off to where I should have been going without allowing myself to become distracted. I had to take a look for myself though.

It's all pretty bizarre. He must have done himself irrevocable harm internally; I think the damage psychologically may already have taken place for I think anyone who is comfortable with the prospect of going to the toilet in a transparent box suspended within peeing distance of two of the world's major tourist attractions is likely to catch more than just a passing mention in the the British Medical Journal!

I had a crafty look at the News of the Screws in Sainsbury's and it seems that they shouted up for him to pass down a urine sample. The hacks spirited it off to the lab with the result that indeed he has been existing on water! Eh, yes...

But wouldn't life be dull without these guys?

Oh, and in the same newspaper they have lots of "I told you so" blurry pics allegedly showing a Mr. Beckham out drinking with someone who we are reliably informed bears no resemblance to Ms. Victoria Spice. Well, there you have it.

Best wishes,

Car Key Boi. How is your trip to the UK going? How can you possibly trade effectively from that perspex box in which you are contained suspended above the stock exchange?

Hopefully he can be found in a padded police station cell nowhere near yuo
uh, yuo'll get no argument from the Car Key Boi about Blaine being an attention-whore. But we had to put up with yuor Posh Skank and her husband, and they are the two biggest attention-whores on the planet period

my point is that we looked after them, we even had them on ABC 20/20 and even a slot on MTV, we didn't throw eggs and golf balls at them as they were getting off the plane at LAX

i was never suggesting for a second that yuo should like Blaine or admire his boring stunt, but why the violence towards him?

it's coz yuo're a nation of soccer holligans, right?
Why do u think Blaine got in his box here?

The worst he gets here is a couple of golf balls. He would be dodging the artillery if he did this same stunt in the good ol US of A.

Treating him badly? I think we've been pretty good to him. Most people who decide to sleep on the streets in London fair a lot worse.
especially if they are foolish enough to sleep in a huge see through box! That's just asking for trouble.
Good point JPWone - I'd love to see his box dangling somewhere above South Central LA or some of the more 'urban' areas of the US - seeing as every 'tard septic feels the need to arm themselves with military grade weaponry (should the kids want to take the Uzi to school for show and tell) I dare say an egg would be the least of his worries.
In terms of keeping score on the number of talentless so called celebs entertained & promoted - I think we still have some considerable way to go to catch up. Isn't good ol' Dubwa visiting Queenie soon?
Daily Reminder: Bush may well be an illitrate moran, but know this: He OWNZ the UN, and the UK

another Daily Reminder:
The Founding Fathers were a bunch of retards who were reliant on the Native Indians to feed them, and in return they killed them and stole all their land, but know this, the Founding Fathers were not "Americans" per se, they were Eurotards. TROOF!
CKB, it appears you're in danger of becoming an "anal-retentive asshole that has ZERO sense of humor"

I'm off now to throw bricks and lager bottles at aforementioned 'Blaine' to do my bit for Queen & Country and to further my career in FOOTBALL hooliganism (not Soccer).
Halo said:
CKB, it appears you're in danger of becoming an "anal-retentive asshole that has ZERO sense of humor"

I'm off now to throw bricks and lager bottles at aforementioned 'Blaine' to do my bit for Queen & Country and to further my career in FOOTBALL hooliganism (not Soccer).

i'm only messing with ya, i don't think yuo're all FOOTBALL hooligans blah :)

i like Brits, yuo guys are cool

rock on!
Well, we ARE all football hooligans in a deep down repressed sort of way- I think that part of your post has actually got some merit! There's certainly a lot of tribal instinct about us Brits and our willingness to travel around and fight the natives of foreign lands -- we've been doing that for centuries - ever since they invented woad, lager, chariots and budget airlines... football is just the latest incarnation. I think it's just part of our genetic make up.
PS. I love you crazy mixed up Yankies too X You gave us the Simpsons and Nike Air Max 95....
Did anyone watch channel 4's 50 greatest magic tricks on Sunday night and see David Blaine levitate or raise himself off the ground?
Was this for real?

This was done on the street and so it's hard to see how it could not have been what it appeared unless he was stood over a silent wind tunnel. Can anyone offer a decent explanation as to how this was done?

If he does possess such powers, perhaps it would be a good idea for him to stay in his box!
Unfortunately Bliane is not the real deal as far as levitation goes. It involves a small amount of "levitation", just a few inches and the rest is done via clever post event editing. Did you notice how he looks over his shoulder to ensure his "audience" are all close together and viewing from the same angle? The initial levitation then takes place, which is done by standing on tip-toe on one foot, but with the feet close together the audience don't see whats happening. Another camera captures their reaction which is of "amazement". In between the editing comes in whereby in a studio they lift him on wires and shoot from "behind the audience" - not the actual one but a fake showing just their backs wearing the same clothes as the original audience. Put it all together in the right sequcence and you have the end result of him levitating. If you get a chance to see it again watch closely and you can see how the editing makes it what it is. Very slick and very impressive until you know whats actually happening.

Thought the David Copperfield tricks were impressive, the flying and the bizzsaw ones.

If only I could get the Dow to levitate at my will, now that would be impressive!!