keyser soze

Just thought I'd say hi to all the members, I've been intrigued with shares and investing but never took the leap so try to ignore my ignorance and be gentle with me :LOL:
Just dipping my toes in the water trying to make some coin
Then you could have come to none better than this site........go through some of the previous threads.........there is information worth a mint.

You might want to try something other than your toes first of all Keyser - saves you finding out if the water is too hot first!! :cheesy: If you've not traded before, I think everyone on here would wholeheartedly recommend a fair bit of paper trading before you commit money to the markets -assuming you're not doing that already, of course.

Good luck.

Hi thanks for the advice and the welcome, your right though I hav'nt actually parted with any cash yet, so the rubbing of hands and the making coin comment was a bit tongue in cheek :cheesy: so for now I'm just checking the bulletins and tips and playing the shares competition but you never know I might even make it to the trading for a living part, the sick of your boss bit appeals to me, pity I'm self employed :|
If you're self-employed, you don't have the hurdle most peeps have of trying to slip in trades and peek at charts undetected when at work!

Assuming that you can sit at a monitor for some time during the day, you're in a great position to be able to learn while still doing the day job, and gradually ease into trading. Allow a couple of years, and you'll be able to tell the boss exactly what he can do with his job!