Hello there traders, would you mind giving an advice for this newbie?

I have just started learning about the trading strategies, indicators, lines, etc. I am from India, and I guess it will be of different environment when compared to other national stock exchanges. Correct me if I am wrong, please. I am willing to spend my full time in trading alone, so any kind of information and tutoring is open. Thank you Amigos.


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Do not try to master some mega complex strategies immediately, because it can be quite difficult and dangerous. Try to start with something simple and be sure to practice your strategy on a demo before you start trading with real money. Do not worry if something goes wrong, keep your emotions under control, although it is not always easy. There are people who understand you like no one else and the amount of information that will be useful to you and which is collected here you will not be able to find on any other resource. Don't expect you to be able to make a lot of money with little capital and just believe in yourself. Don't forget about learning and don't be lazy to learn something new every day. It may sound a little shallow, but these are the key rules that suit everyone. And you'll find your strategy in time when you've had a good enough experience.


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There is plenty of excellent advice for newbies to learn on this forum.
Try not to make the usual mistakes and lose heavily. Have endless patience and good humour.


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Expect little success in first 5 years , trust no-one at all, create and prove your own strategies

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