Hello how do i start learning intermarket analysis

Its a big question. Its the kind of question not often heard, like how do I get a second university degree before I've got my first one.

But maybe there is a sound reason behind why you're asking for help - so what is it you're trying to do?
I want to use the ibtermarket analysis to know when to enter a trade and tell me when to exit. I want to have a powerful inter market analysis strategy..... Pls do you have any helpful data bases or links or charts
I want to develop a strategy based on inter market analysis that tells me when to enter and exit a trade do you have any useful data source or chart or link
OK, but why do you want to use (or try to use) intermarket analysis for this purpose? How did you select intermarket analysis as the way to progress your trading?
Currencies are interrelated and for you to have an edge as a currency trader technical analysis's is not enough there should be some extra confirmation and I saw this pic of you guys on google two Chinese indexes or so were inversely related can I DM you is it possible
I'm pretty sure you're talking more about what in forex is called correlation. There's lots of stuff on the forum, on the web and on Youtube re forex correlation.

Yes, some currencies are highly correlated with others, for example the EUR and the CHF, the AUD and the NZD. It follows that some pairs are also highly correlated - EUR/USD and USD/CHF are strongly negatively correlated, so that as one goes up, the other goes down.

These relationships are useful for confirming or questioning a trade decision you have already arrived at.