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Hi All,

I’ve attached the final test results for this trial, which I will say has been a successful one.

Latest updates:

1. Row 7 Japan 226 hit the target profit
2. The remainder of the highlighted rows expired naturally in December with a couple of big wins and a couple of losses (these were December contracts and I didn’t roll them forward)
3. Row 14 remains open as it is a March 18 contract and as it was £221 in profit so far, I’ll let it run.

Hi Panda - I decided not to open an account with ETX as I was fed up of opening accounts with different brokers. they all seem to want you to open with different brokers and I’m sure it’s to do with commissions

Perhaps later this month I will conduct another HAV trial based on the email signals received under the scheme mentioned by Panda above. I’ve not signed up myself, but a friend has and he’ll send me the details and I’ll do the same for him for Diff Code Global.



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Thanks for sharing the results of your trail.

Your thread brought me back to these forums the first time in many years :)


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Thanks Jake, glad you liked it ��

I’ll be updating again at the end of the month with results from a fresh trial, since I’m now getting the signals from a friend.



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Hi Becks, came over to this thread from the PIE one, interested in seeing your updated results.

Also did you end up starting a thread on Diff Code Global, are you adding that to your portfolio?



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no I’ve decided not to bother with Diff Code Global because in short it’s utter rubbish!

Apparently it’s not had a winning month since November. I’ve tested it for real since January and it’s been a disaster. It’s supposed to return 70% win ratio rather than just over 50% I got for January and as for Feb, just 1 winner and 6 losers!!!

Looks like Diff Code is one of those products that is fine when the market is doing well, but when the market goes down or up and down, then it’s not fit for purpose.

I would urge everyone to stay well clear of any Diff Code product.

It could be worse, I could have done the Diff Code Transatlantic which was even worse by all accounts

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