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Im selling my Gunbot license with a 40% Discount + Escrow Fee

Gunbot is a bot that would help you at Crypto Trading, having many features to config your Buy/Sell options so you can maximize profit even when you sleep!

Some info:

DISCLAIMER: I suggest everyone read this topic, even if you don't want to buy the GUNBOT: the algorithm this bot uses, can be applied to manual trading as well, so if you want to get started with altcoins trading, read this carefully and you will get a profit in a very short time. The difference between manual trading and trading with GUNBOT is the ability to trade and make profit 24/7, even when you sleep.

How it works

It works as it should: buy low and sell high, it does it repeatedly generating a profit. This is not a PING-PONG algorithm, this is something more advanced that takes consideration of the market prices and volatility. I'm going to explain "how" exactly to buy low and sell high, so you can understand the logic of GUNBOT. As stated in the disclaimer, you can apply this logic to manual trading, but doing it with GUNBOT will multiply your profits, depending on how much you invested in the trade. Is there a way GUNBOT could make you loose money? Yes: if you use a stop limit too close to the coin's daily variation (I'll teach you how to avoid this) OR in the case of coin's crashes. Beware: by coin's crashes, I didn't mean "dumps": dumps are "dumbs" and you shouldn't panic during a dump, as long as the coin is solid and you trust it. I'll teach you how to not panic during a dump too, just follow this topic and the posts I will add later and you will get all the fundamentals you need to be a good GUNBOT trader.

Bot Price on the shop is 0.1-0.09 BTC
im selling mine at a max price of 0.06BTC + Escrow Fees... If someone is interested PM through here or ask me on telegram @Styyx
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