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At the top of this board I read a message that says guests
cannot read the boards, only registered members.
But when I check 'who's on line' I see guests reading any number of threads.

what's what ?
Sharkey ?
thought you might have let me have a reply ?

anyway if you thought you'd stopped it you havent.
doesnt seem much point in them registering if they can read the threads anyway ?
I can't access the threads using Netscape. I wonder if the guests are registered users who don't want others to know they are here? There is an option to hide your name.
thats a point

I dont know.
but when nobody responds even when they are logged in
it starts to feel like advfn ?

and its not my site so sod it.
Sharky is a busy man lots to do and no time to do it.... If you really need an answer, I'll ask him, or you can email him sharky @trade2win.....
sorry, I've lost interest
I saw him logged in and checking out 'who's on line'
he had time.

are you referring to the chat rooms?

if so then anyone can access these using a standard IRC client - they don't even need to use the website to get access to the chat room.

This means that guests cannot access these forums (which you can only view through the site) but can view the chat rooms by going to the relevant chat room through an IRC server using an IRC client.

This means that Sharky could well be logged in to the chat rooms but not into the site.

Also if you check the 'whos logged in for the site' you will see that guests can only access the main index - they do not have access to the threads of a forum.

Hope this helps

Hi bonsai,

Sorry for not replying earlier, it's been a particularly hectic week and I'm often juggling 3 or 4 things at once - so no offence meant. I did spot your post, and had a look on the who's online as you will have spotted but came to the same conclusion that JPWone did - that being that guests can only read the main index, and not any actual threads - in fact the threads don't even appear for them. I took another look over the weekend, but same story. If you think I've missed something please let me know.

yes, I think you have missed it.
Perhaps they saw you coming ?
but guests definitely appear to be accessing threads.
If you really dont spot it I could take a screen image for you if you want. but had rather assumed this would be under software control !!.

Big Business may have raised a point ? see his post.

I'm afraid jpwone just didnt read my post correctly and may confuse matters..
well I have done it anyway.


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Problem solved!

The location ie "Viewing thread .... " is actually a little misleading - what it means is an attempt to view that thread. Even if you are unsuccessful ie. "sorry you do not have permission.. you need to be logged in.." your location is the thread you've attempted to view, and not a permission denied location.

Those two threads in your screenshot were both in the newsletter I sent out last night - so people must have clicked on to them from their email - but they weren't previously logged into the website (ie. no cookie stored on their pc to say they were logged in). Hence, they come up as guests who are trying to view that thread - but unsuccessfully.

So how did I manage to figure it out.. well I logged into to, but didn't log in to (as they are treated differently. I then went to a thread directlyon from front page/newsletter etc and in my logged in account saw that myself (as guest) was at the location of thread even though I couldn't view it!

Well done Sharky

Problem resolve- Bonsai should be able to concentrate more comfortably on his trading now without any distractions!
Sorry bonsia but I did read your post correctly and replied covering the possible options (forums and chat - just in case you had confused them) as you seemed to be getting your knickers in a twist as you had not had an instant reply from Sharky.

I can see they might get rejected on asking to see the thread
but how do they get through that to the attachments ?


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:LOL: ... :LOL: .... :LOL: ... :LOL:
dont know which one it is but it must be very good ?


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If a T2W member selects, in the Options, the ability to surf the forums without appearing in the 'Logged In Users' list, then when they do surf they appear as "Guests"

All the search engine bots also appear as Guests - if you look at their IP addresses you will often see bot or search as part of their address. Bots seem to be like buses - when the come they all come together, and often you'll see 15 or more bots busy as Guests.