guarantee 10 points per week?


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Hi Everyone,
I have been interested in spreadtrading FTSE and DOW indices
for approx 4 years but mainly watch and do hypothetical trades as I work ft . I am interested to
know if any one would be willing to disclose a simple method to 100% guarantee 10 points per week on the dow or ftse. I have been looking at simple moving averages with tight stops and this seems to work. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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I have seen this question asked before and I am sure the answer is that there isn't a 100% system. I think Looking for just 10 points is dangerous because some weeks the tight stops will keep getting hit, leading to a big loss and wiping out the gains of several weeks.


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Trading early morning gap can be lucrative on the FTSE and DAX but you have to be at your screen to trade the move. but as for 100% and tight stops, thats a bit like having your cake and eating it

Salty Gibbon

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Yes I can show you how to get a guaranteed 10 points a week.

Just get in your car and go really fast when you get to the speed cameras.

Do this 3 or 4 times and you will get at least 10 points.



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I've been looking for years for the perfect system - by jove I think you've got it.



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I dont think you'll find one to be honest.

A few years ago, a mate of mine and me used to daytrade FTSE100 by buying at the high of the previous day / selling at the low with a 10 point stop. Worked pretty well for a while : started with £2/point and worked our way up to £25/point. Kerching! (all this without a single chart running - who needs those, eh?)

Then, one day.... you guessed it. We got smart. Started trading Dow with the same system (I can hear the collective uh-ohs in the background). Ended up blowing £1500 each in under 3 hours (followed by another £60 that evening drowning my sorrows!) On that occassion I wasnt using a stop, but the point of mentioning all this is this :

you might find a "system" that appears to give good performance on paper. It might even work real time for a short while. But there will come a time when it will also burn you so bad, you'll wish you died as a child.

Hope this helps.

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rossored said:
Then, one day.... you guessed it. We got smart. Started trading Dow with the same system Ended up blowing £1500 each in under 3 hours RR

RR this begs the question, why didn't you just go back to your original system ?

Be nice to know what would have been the results if you had.


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Rosso what happened to the prancing horse avatar. New one just doesn't have the same je- ne-se-qua


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We did go back to the old system for a bit, still ended up getting our butts kicked. Thing is, there were no hard and fast rules as to when to take profits if it started falling back, or re-entry rules if it went back through again, etc. Maybe it just had its day? I read somewhere about a similar system someone had that applied to DJ30 stocks, and for six months, the guy cleaned up - then, one day, it just didnt work any more and he lost half his account continuing to trade it. I think you've got to acknowledge when something doesnt work and move on. I still have a little flutter just for fun occassionally, I must admit - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Just like everything else I suppose.

Daxtrader gave me a great quote the other day : its like being a mechanic - a spanner will do a wide range of jobs, but you need more than a spanner if you're going to change a clutch (something like that anyway, blame him :LOL: ). Its down to how many tools you've got, and using the right one for the job. Market conditions change. Having switched from Index futures to Forex lately, I'm reguarly getting my butt kicked, but I'm also learning new techniques at the same time.

Yeah new avatar does suck big time doesnt it? LOL. Ought to be changed back by the time you read this!


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I think the fact of the matter is that pretty much any technical setup will only work for an amount of time, the trick is recognise when its stopped working and be flexible enough to look for the wood again.

oh, and if anyone has got this sussed please let me know lol :LOL:


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10 points a week. That's 2 a day. If you study a market long enough you should be able to see 2 points a day.
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