Great Inventions


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ever thought "why did'nt I think of that " when a invention or idea comes a long that makes the inventor millions, like the wind up radio, friends reunited .com and phone tones etc...????

Well, while listening to Alan Brasil and Mike Parry on Talksport radio, they had a guy on who has invented a new machine which i find to be brilliant!!

Basically it works like one of those facial steamers but you put in alcohol in and it blows the alcohol vapours through a mask!!

You can only use spirits and liquors at the moment..
The advantage is the hit is instant as it goes to the bloodstream right away rather than into your gut, no sick feelings when u have drunk to much liquid, no calories, quicker recovery time from alcohol intake so less likely to be over the limit the next morning.

2 radio presenters tried it in the studio and loved it, they said that the feeling was great and instant, a happy feeling and mellow.

The name of the product is A.W.O.L (alcohol without liquid) :cheesy: top name

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I'd rather have a few beers