Great daytrading info


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I was going to keep this a secret.... ;)

Another trader has made me aware of a - imo - great chat client that I have been using for the past few days, which gives absolutely fantastic info throughout the day, and I have to recommend it.

Go to

Then download the chat client

Follow the instructions on the marketvushow webpage as for which room to go to .... anyway its "premium finance/business" rooms, then "market vu show".

You can listen to emini S&P 500 pit action, and there is live commentary throughout the day, with some pretty good calls here and there.

Best of all? Its free.


i'd go one better than that and recommend the MindoverMarket group.

As per your above post available via the same route.

Its not for chatting - its for listening

Over 200 traders using this at any one time.

Their website is at

i have to say its more for pro's rather than novices though.

Let me know if any of you use it.

. :cool: