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Currently I watch the ESTX50, Dax, SMI and the Bund. The first 3 seem to follow each other too much and I find that I am only watching 2 markets - those 3 and the Bund. Additionally, the Bund seems to move exactly opposite to those 3 a fair deal of the of the time so trading signals on the 3 are oftened mirrored on the Bund.

What I am looking for are suggestions for other markets to add to my watchlist so I can maybe dump the SMI and either the ESTX or Dax. They need to trend reasonably well like these markets do - especially on a 15 minute basis. I can get some good trades on this timeframe but I would like one every night hence the move to diversifying the markets I actually watch.

For example, US treasury bonds/notes, the various E-mini's (Euro, Midcap 400, Russell 2000, S&P, Yen, Nasdaq100), assorted currency futures, etc, etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Liquidity is not much of a concern as I only trade 1-3 contracts max and go for larger gains relative to scalping.

Thanking you,


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Hi Dant
Nice trending markets for longer time frames?
eur/usd our daytime (gmt)
usd/yen our night time (gmt)


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Another idea is what i m trading additionally to Bund/Extx50 : ZN/ER2 , also very much invers correlated.

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