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Hi all.

This was supposed to be a very happy day, but unfortunately it's not.

The good news is that the Mitsubishi EVO VIII is going to be launched soon. The bad news is that it will be the last one they produce :cry:

This is the new Evo - beutiful isn't it.




I can't believe this will be the last one. :cry:

The EVO VI was best, so if anyone has one they want to sell - I haven't got money, but I'm willing to exchange vital organs. :)
Hey FB,
You are so right, it is beautiful.

I race the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII 300 bhp most nights and she handles like a dream, wouldn't swop it for anything. Raced the Subaru Impreza WRX(44s) 288 bhp and the Ford Focus RS WRC 300 bhp for a while but they just aren't the same, don't handle so well.

I'm sure i'll be able to race the new Mitsubishi EVO VIII in time, soon as Colin McRae 4 comes out on XBOX anyway !!!!! :LOL: :cheesy: :LOL:
Looks horrible, what you on? <g>
Jag X type (I'd like) .. wear the flat cap, golfing clothes and those stupid driving gloves with big holes in the back...
Speaking as one who is growing old disgracefully I can but chortle over the number of boy racers my 'old git in the way' Rover has blown off - the real knack is in accurately impersonating that 'only Me' character Harry Enfield invented while performing said racing start ;)
DaveJB said:
Looks horrible, what you on?
Oh dear a trader and a computer program - superb, but your taste in cars leaves a lot to be desired. X-type wouldn't be bad though.

Glad to know your giving the boy racers a run for their money. The thought of me being able to race them in my old VW Polo is the driving force (excuse the pun) behind me wanting to have the fastest Polo on the planet. :D

The look on their faces as you get to 60mph in 5 seconds in an "old banger"- surely that's the best feeling in the world :cool:


My personally favorite was a Evo V on Gran Tourismo 2 on the PS1, handles better than anything else I've raced - have to get everything uprated first though :( (or get Mine's to do the hard work) ;)
Looks like a Sayat front(!) and a Sierra back. Wots wrong with a 500 bhp Supra.... :cheesy:
Hi, FB,

I'm afraid I'm with DaveJB on this one, it looks pretty ugly to me. What's that stuff on the back, and the colour......

But hey, what do I know, I'm just buying a dark blue Citroen Picasso, with a massive 1.6l engine :cheesy: (But it's cheap to run).

Read what you will into my trading style from that!
You poor misguided people. :(

Citroen Picasso - that is a real family car. We traveled up to see Liverpool and I have to say I was impressed, nice comfort seats and the 1.6 engine goes like the clappers.

Surely a Subaru WRX is better for the family though. 5 seats and you can get to your destination before the kids have time to ask "are we nearly there yet". :D
Assuming, of course, that you havent collected enough tickets from London to Liverpool to be banned from driving in which case a Citreon 2CV would be preferable to not being allowed to drive at all. Persoanlly I prefer BMW.

The idea is that you go so fast, no speed camera or police car could catch you ;) - only joking honest.


I presume your talking about a BMW M5 :?:

More good news on the horizon. Audi have stuck a V6 3.2 engine in the AudiTT now :D

Just in case you haven't worked it out yet, I love my cars
The Rover's quite nippy enough thanks (V6 2.5) .. not fast enough to shake off the poor chap who followed me around several roundabouts (I got lost) enroute my hotel after the trading day in the mistaken belief I was heading to the curry place!
All that Evo needs is some sliced bananas to go with the custard it appears to be coated in... what's that thing on the back, by the way, some sort of portable bike rack or something?