Goldline - how it works !!

Sep 18, 2004
There was a horce racing software being sold in Australia and UK for 8k a few years ago called SentinalAX by a mob called Hamlyn Crest.

They made the mistake of having the software available as a trial download on their website, so I had a keygen made by a hacker.

It works like this, you enter the amount you want to bet, and all prices for the race 10-12 minutes before start time. Then you enter the prices again 2-3 minutes to go. It does an analysis which obviously tries to see where the late smart money is going.
It will pick 2-6 horses, with a total betting amount being what you selected.

The amount to bet on each horse is adjusted to reflect their odds, so it does not matter which horse wins the profit for that race will be about the same.

Is this anything like the Selecta 7 or those other racing systems? I used it on 3 occasions, the first 2 it worked the 3rd it failed miserably and I forgot about it until this thread was mentioned.

If anybody here is willing to give it a shot and test post away as I dont have the time.
Although I dont know who well it will work in the uk, in australia we have government run tab betting pools there are no bookies, so everybody has to use the same betting pool and odds.

I was also told it really only works on the saturdays and major meedweek meets best.


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Jan 4, 2004

Interesting post but I cannot for the life of me work out how you arrive at the buy & sell points marked on the chart.

Would you mind explaining the rationale for each one?