GNI touch v IG Markets


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I was going to open up an account with GNI touch after the raving reviews on here.
However, Both IG and GNI offer direct market access and IG seems to be cheaper:

* GNI require up to 99% margin on some of the smallcaps I wish to trade. Compare this with IG who require only 25% on exactly the same. Other advantages include:

* IG commissions at 0.1% are slighly lower for small trades (10-15k).

* GNI require £10000 & 20 trades/month for direct access & free level 2, IG only 1/month

It seems to me that IG are far superior for my specific requirements, is there anything I am missing here?
I used to think IG were one of the most uncompetitive brokers, perhaps this is true for spreadbet?
Check out ETRADE CFDs, although it doesn't say DMA everytime i've put an order on in FTSE250 stocks its traded onto the Orderbook.
Yes thanks, I did. Unfortunately Etrade don't deal in the smaller companies I'm interested in