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Hi all

A couple of people have asked for a glossary So here goes.

Amateur Hour - First 1/2 to 1 hour of a market opening every day when knowledgeable investors take money from beginners

Ask - The price at which you Buy

Bid - The price at which you sell

Black Box System - A system that is brought "off the shelf", that someone else has programmed

BoM - Bet on Markets

Candles - candlesticks (a Japanese method of showing OHLC data)

CCI – Commodity Channel Index indicator

CFD – Contract for Difference is another type of trading. It enables you to short shares and buy them back at a later point

CMC – Short for A spreadbetting and CFD company.

CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange

D4F - See CMC

EMA - Exponential Moving average. See MA

EOD – End of Day.

EPIC – The EPIC or ticker code, the short hand for a stock used in the city. VOD = Vodafone, BARC = Barclays…etc

ES - the ES ticker, ie emini S&P 500 futures

EW - Elliott Wave

Fins - Short for A spreadbetting company

FWIW – For What It’s Worth

Futures - A contract that it usually closed before a set date.

FYI – For Your Information

HTH – Hope This Helps

IB – Short for - A US based broker.

IMO – In My Opinion

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

IMVHO – In My Very Humble Opinion

L2/Level II - A way of looking at the underlying orders that go to make up a share price. Most L2 lets you see how many Buy and Sell orders are in the system. Nasdaq L2 also lets you see WHO is putting those orders in.

LOL – Laughing Out Loud / Lots OF Love

Long – Another term for buying shares / indices etc.

LSE - London Stock Exchange

MA – Moving Averages.

Margin - The amount needed in your trading account to buy or sell

Market Depth - Same as L2

MM - Market Maker - People who buy and sell when no-one else whats to, to create a market and keep it moving.

NQ - the NQ ticker, ie emini Nasdaq futures

OHLC - Open, high, low, close as in price bars

OHLCV - Open, high, low, close, volume (as in a type of data feed)

Pit - The place where floor traders trade

PM - Private message, which can be found under the Community tab above

Res - Resistance

RSI – Relative Strength Index

SB – Spreadbetting - Another form of trading, where you bet on £ per point moves

Short – Shorting shares means selling them first with the aim of buying them back for a lower price

SP - the SP ticker, ie main S&P 500 futures

Spread - The difference between the buy and sell price

Stochastics -

Sup - Support

TA - Technical Analysis

T2W Trade 2 Win

I’m sure there are others, so if you think of any please add this to this thread, and I will update it as we go along :)
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Nice Work folks,

We do actually have the facility to display a glossary of terms here:

At the moment it's not being used, and its quite impressive if you can find the link to it - it does exist somewhere on the site. But what I'll do is add these terms and any more suggested ones and then link directly from the learning menu so they're easy to find.



The Glossary has now been updated with over 200 new trading terms including those listed above. I'm still in the process of adding more, but feel free to add any missing terms to this thread.

You can now access the Glossary directly from the "Learning" drop-down menu at the top of every page.



Phewee! Thats better!

Thanks very much for these glossarys.

Makes life alot easier for the uninitiatated!

No excuses now eh!

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