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1: Cigars topic in TA is 'too wide'when I view this because he uses Netscape?
2: My first double post.....I put in some non-alphanumeric characters in the first text
a 'greater than',a 'colon' and a 'left bracket'(shift 0)
Did this cause the double take?


> :(
reply to 2: above.....
probably not cos I put it in that one too....but it just printed the greater than, and not the colon or the left bracket...

Ah...but when I clicked back it said 'page expired'. last time I hit refresh, this time I hit 'home page'..

And hitting refresh 're-submits'the topic so it posts twice.......I think

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I just check Cigar's post in IE and Netscape and it looked fine. I think what happened was Hill posted an image which was apparenty way too big and would have strectched the board out place, but he's since reduced it in size, so I think it's ok now.

Not too sure about the other prob, may have been like u said becasue u refreshed it. But there's still this Caching prob to fix. Infopop the creator's of this board have got a pretty good support section on their site, I'll spend some time looking in there for the answers, when I get some free time.

Cheers, Pigsy.
I think the thread went wrong when the picture was inserted. It was OK for the first 3(?)posts
Its OK now (11.30pm)