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This is a quick update on The Scannery, the investor focused search engine. I have tried to keep it as short as possible.

1) The number of websites of public companies indexed now exceeds 12,000

2) Since Dec 2003 we have added the public company websites from the following countries (where we could find their websites):

Luxembourg +/-30
China +/-500
Czech Republic +/-100
Poland +/-200
Bermuda +/-40
Jamaica +/-30

This brings the total so far to 52 countries and 7 special groups, eg S&P 500. More countries are in the "works".

3) We have increased the indexing depth of our search engine. This has resulted in between a doubling to tripling of the volume of content indexed.

4) A very significant development is the addition of a new "sister" website to The Scannery. We found that some users were getting confused when they searched for, as an example, "FORD" but did not find the Ford Motor Company ranking near the top of the results. This is because not all companies allow their websites to be indexed at all. Ford is one of them as is IBM, Proctor and Gamble, amongst others.

Therefore the only results would be those documents on other websites which contain the search phrase. To help users we have created a new "sister" website at

The TimBukOne website (pronounced Tim Buck One) allows a user to first choose a country. Then navigate to a specific public company within that country (for which we have a website address). And then perform a search restricted to within just that company's website. The user can also directly click through to the company website. In addition the user can choose to expand the search to all public companies in that country.

For South Africa, our home country (ta-dah!), we have additional information including organization charts (very cool!), stock charts, news, reports, etc.

The TimBukOne website is more company focused while The Scannery is more country / industry focused. It is our hope that the combination of these two sites will provide a useful service to researchers and investors alike.

Both sites require IE5.5+, Mozilla 1.4+, Netscape 7+, Firefox 0.7+, or higher versions.

Both sites are currently free to use although the TimBukOne website does require registration (free).

I hope this information is useful to all and thanks for providing the forum.

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