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This is my first post onT2W and I could really use some input from other members.

I’ve been trading on and off for about ten years with varying degrees of success. My interest and focus has alternated with my levels of success and failure and I am returning to trading after fifteen months.

I’ve worked in front office in the securities industry and have now decided to go alone and see if I can carve a living by employing what I’ve learned.

My starting capital is about £50k and I don’t need any of this money to live off.

I trade only equities and only UK listed shares.

I’ve been investigating the tools I would need and have thus far identified the following brokers.

I will be using IG markets for DMA on CFDs and will also open a cash market account with Interactive Brokers.

I trade both swing and trend and don’t day trade.

I have clarified my objectives (business plan), and worked out my money management formulas and risk management strategies.

The difficulty I’m having is deciding on software!

As my trading is not so time critical, I only really need EOD data and a charting package capable of displaying this data with real time intraday charts occasionally for timing.

I have identified Prorealtime as the package that meets the EOD criteria best and as I will be opening an account with IG Markets I understand their platform includes live intraday charting for DMA clients. Also I am aware that both companies charting is produced by the same company.


Is there anything that compares with PRT in terms of totally free use, comprehensive TA library and amount of free data supplied?

I’ve looked at Quote Tracker but noticed that data isn’t free. Also freestockcharts but understand they don’t cover UK markets.

Regarding PRT:

• Who provides PRT with their data? Is it sourced from the LSE or an alternate exchange, a quote vendor - who?
• The second question follows from the first. How accurate is the data? Has anybody experience of checking the data for accuracy or experience of its inaccuracy?
• Do both IG and PRT use the same data feed for Uk equities as both packages are supplied by the same firm?

Also, talking into account my requirements i.e. real time not needed; are there any advantages in using paid software such as Metastock, esignal etc.

Finally I am also looking to download historic price and volume data for UK equities. I’ve identified yahoofinance and as potential sources.


How reliable are they and where do they source their data?

I am certain there will be other questions but I feel I should be able to solve those for myself.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.
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