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I trade currencies.

I am currently using FXCM live charts for trading EUR/USD intraday. I have noticed that the price plotted on these charts is actually the BID price, as opposed to the MID price.

So for example: the EUR/USD is trading at 1.1777/81

If my strategy signals a short trade on the chart, I can go short at the exact price that the chart is showing - ie - 1.1777

If I go long however, I have to then get in at 4 points above what the chart is currently showing which is making my trading sometimes inaccurate.

I need a chart which plots the MID price as opposed to the BID or the OFFER - can anyone recommend a live charting service or package that woud plot the MID price?

I was looking at quotetracker - does anyone know what prices the software plots into its charts.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Many Thanks.

hi there

the charts with fxcm are good indicators and nothing else. i would suggest fxtrek.com, you can have the web version for 40usd a month or the desktop version for 100usd a month. they have a 7 day trial. i would recommend the desktop version which is very stable compared to the web(java based) version. i have recently bought metastock8 pro and will test this to see if it could be a suitable alternative. i will keep you posted.

Thanks for that - I'll take a look at fxtrek.

I was trying to be a bit of a cheap-skate and get live fx charts with good indicators that were free (!), but I realise that you get what you pay for. I need accurate charts that plot mid-price.

If you could keep me posted I would be very grateful - I will endeavour to do the same in return.

Many Thanks.
No harm in being a cheap skate. 'You get what you pay for...'

Not always.
There are some charting packages out there that charge a fortune and are not worth it. and some free ones which are loads better than the ones which cost a fortune.
But it comes down to what you like and what you can get on with.
I've tried expensive ones like updata/prestel and market eye and cheap and free ones like Sierra, Medved and stratagem, Netdania.
Plus a few others.
The charts at fxcm/refco are fine for currencies you have a choice of 4 free ones to choose from. 2 of them come from fxtrek I believe. My personal view is that the trek ones are terrible. So paying $1200 a year for a version that I can't see a lot of improvement in would be out of the question. But other people might like them. As I say, it's personal choice. As for the java issue. I have had the Stratagem charts freeze twice on me in the last 6 months. I had a lot more problems than that with Updata!

Prefer Medved over Sierra now as well. Not because it's free, but because it has what I need and is clear.
Without exception, packages like Updata, Marketeye, E signal etc have more in them then most people will ever need or want.

But to your original question. Mid price currency charts? That'll be a hard one. Sierra can plot open/close or average(mid) mav indicators. About as close as I can get I'm afraid. But I would have thought that any live charts would only plot bid or offer price. I would like to be proved wrong on this though.