Futures back data - Where to get it (for free)


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A few years back I used to have all the back data for the major commodities but I've lost it due to hard drive failures/changing computers.

Does anyone know where I can get hold of continuous data for free? I just want to run some simple tests and don't want to sped a few hundred $ when there's no guarantee that I'll be using it in the future.

Metastock format is best.



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no i dont - but sounds like you need 2 do the free trial rounds of futures chart providers like futuresource. must cancel after 1st month and they will refund.


I just bought a load of it from the CBOE. It is expensive but that is your best bet.

If you know a page code on Bloomberg that has it I will happily download it from there for you. I doubt they have it though...
Hi there anley

Some sources below are free/vsmall monthly etc.
By MS format I presume you mean the .csv format... well anyway, are many freebies out there to convert in's to required out's data formats.
Thirteen mentions a very valid point regarding the 'usual' free introductory period for xx days when you'll have ultd use of service. I have myself enjoyed this feature generously given by many data vendors, but in the end gotta make mind up!
Note that not many actually give away long way back history - just mainly a year or so and of course the daily eod updates.

Find below a cobbled together dump of my futures directory 'links' and various gunk...
I realise that you not terribly interested in the long term (well... unless zillions of dosh can be sniffed by your testing!)
However, this mooching around has been kinda cathartic for me - not realise just what hiding on the hard disk!
So what the heck...

(msgEdit) see thread


Marketsource Online - Historical and EOD Stock, Commodity, and Fund Data

Sydney Futures Exchange...
Big table of data vendors and url's includes various contact info too.
See also: http://www.sfe.com.au/index.html?content/sfe/intro.htm their Market Data offerings info page.
Note: that their is a link to the previously mentioned 'data vendors' page on this Market Data page...
Lots of links to surf.

"We offer a LIGHT package consisting of all the currently active contracts (approximately 360 contracts) and a DEEP package made up of ALL historical contracts (approximately 8,000 contracts).

"Market Coverage
From the many futures markets that trade around the world, DataTools concentrates on those that are liquid enough to interest a private trader. These total 86 at present, from 14 exchanges, but new ones are added whenever necessary.
In addition to futures markets, the service updates 17 key cash/spot prices, including international stock indices and base metals.

All of these sites have end of day data which can be used with FCharts SE and FCharts PRO Click image to the left for a screen shot of the program in action. If you haven't downloaded your free copy of FCharts SE yet, you can do so here: FCharts SE Page
The links include data for several different countries, for pay-sites and also for free sites, and for currencies and commodities as well as for ordinary shares.
At the bottom of the page there is an incomplete list of brokers who offer free EOD data to their customers. If your broker isn't listed, please email with any details and whether they have data for customers or not.

Page of vendors includes brief bio on each plus web link...
MarketWarrior 3.0: Data Suppliers

Well then... guess I'm leaving the NO-COST goodies list until near the end of this ramble
(tee hee... must mean it's Friday!!! :)
"Download FREE end-of-day stock market quotes and historical data for many of the world's top stock exchanges. Our stock data is compatible with most of the leading charting packages including: MetaStock ®, Omnitrader ®, SuperCharts, Advanced GET ™, TradeStation, AIQ, EzyCharts, and many more.

I might put the cash towards this site - seems very professional (don't they all ;) - but guess if 'it feels right' then gotta go-with-the-flow...
"Any PC-based system can make use of data downloaded via ProphetLink. Whether you are using high-powered charting software (e.g., Advanced G.E.T., SuperCharts, MetaStock, etc.) or a simple spreadsheet (e.g., Microsoft Excel), ProphetLink gives you the fastest access to the financial data you need for charting and analysis.
ProphetLink is flexible! Unlike other data services, it isn't just for bulk packages ("all or nothing"), or just for hand-picked symbols. Whether you are following 20,000 issues or 15 specific markets, the system is fast, efficient, and affordable. You can "mix and match!"
Try ProphetLink now, and your first month is free! If you decide to continue with the service, our value pricing is based on the data you receive:
Update Package Monthly Annual Rate
All Stocks $24.95 $249.50
Equity/Index Options $29.95 $299.50
All Stocks and Options $39.95 $399.50
Worldwide Futures $29.95 $299.50
All Data Types $49.95 $499.50
Get started with your free 30 day trial now!

AND finally...
These may not be strictly download data sources BUT are some great 'futures' oriented landings, imho :)


of course my 'brain' site used frequently to explain the meaning of life and futures and the market generally - also has decent dictionary - always vip for those many vacant moments of mine :)

Well there it be in all it's confusion. Good hunting dude!
Trust the above is (potentially) useful to you and (of course ;) other T2W readers too!
Best Regards

PLEASE note that the enclosed information is not biased nor an endorsement towards any service.
I, like you, have been searching for (too) long regards futures data source and yet even now... just can't make up mind as to which to use for regular eod downloadable feed.
Oh merde - life is so very very great - yet i/we/us always seem to pile heaps of 'situations' upon ourselves... creating what appears to be at times an all encompassing pastime of situation-solving.
Aaaargh! :O)
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