Fundamentals for Forex


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Jun 21, 2004
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if we recommend other forums its not really good form here with the Mods .....sorry

and those forums will place heavy biases on selling you stuff in truth nothing is impartial and unbiased in this game ..........

just type in forex and start to roam the internet looking for information....the more you learn the more hopefully you will start to work out what you need and who to trust and learn from

I could share sources with you but would be instantly pounced on as a potential shark trying to sell you stuff

heres something i posted years ago doesnt advertise anything so hopefully the mods wont hammer me



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Jul 5, 2016
You need to learn all the three types of analysis to gain success in the Forex Market, you should maintain the balance between all the three.


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Apr 9, 2016
Proper education comes from taking the time to learn real fundamentals and playing a long-term game. If you are just starting out in trading I would recommend staying away from the get the rich quick hype on the internet.


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Oct 12, 2017
Proper education comes from taking the time to learn real fundamentals and playing a long-term game. If you are just starting out in trading I would recommend staying away from the get the rich quick hype on the internet.
Fundamentals are also short term.

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Feb 28, 2002
There's no shortage of fundamental data sources. In fact, that's the problem - too much data to analyse.

In any situation like this I'd recommend being ultra-strict in what information you try to collect - it has to be significant to your trade, it has to be information you don't already have, there has to be no other way to make or refine the trade decision, and once you've got it you have to stop searching.


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May 25, 2012
Fundamental data is generally used by institutional FX traders and its usage is not well understood by retail traders because it is a skill not generally taught at the retail end.

FX prices are either driven by fundamentals or sentiments. Both these drivers have similar characteristics but the effect is more long lasting with the former. In trading fundamental data, the key is to monitor central bank statements and actions. Specifically all scheduled events relating to tier one data is a must note trade planning event. Fundamental risk events are rate decisions and central bank statements and sentiment drivers include tier 1 data pertaining to GDP, inflation and employment data especially average earnings.

Trading news is simply trading a risk event pertaining to some form of fundamental data point. The challenge in using fundamental data to trade is not just about the timeliness of getting the data as it is released but the ability to determine whether the data presents any trading opportunity. The quality of the determination is a function of skill level and experience in assessing the impact of deviation in terms of beat or miss.
Oct 14, 2015
As follows from the latest data of the CFTC, in the week before March 6 in speculative positioning in the foreign exchange market were, in general, barely noticeable. In anticipation of news from Washington about tariffs, traders preferred to close both long and short positions in major currencies, as a result of which the net dollar value for the dollar remained almost unchanged, remaining at $ 13.7 billion.

Speculators slightly reduced the net long position on the CAD, and the threat of US protectionist measures almost did not affect the bulls in CAD and only stimulated the bears to open a small number of new shorts.

The stability of the bullish sentiment of speculators in the Mexican peso in these circumstances is simply astounding given the rather large volume of net long.

The most notable changes in the positioning of the currency "safe haven", such as the yen and the franc, where speculators quite actively closed short positions. Demand for this assets in the face of growing uncertainty did not pass and in the gold.

The volume of net long euros has changed little, remaining at a historically high level of more than $ 20 billion, despite the fact that due to the large profit differential of European and American long-term EURUSD purposes it is quite expensive.

Pound positioning is becoming less bullish and increasingly neutral.

And without that, the small volume of the net long position for the Aussies was reduced by one third, and positioning in the Kiwi was almost complete.

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Apr 8, 2017
If you want to be a good trader , first of all you have to acquire proper money managing plan , because despite of good trading knowledge that’s not possible at all to lead a comfortable trading life at all if you don’t know how to ,manage money. So money management is really important