Fundamental Analysis for beginners


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Are there any books on this for beginners and also what's the difference between technical and fundamental analysis ?


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Are there any books on this for beginners and also what's the difference between technical and fundamental analysis ?

There is a lot of free info on the net, you need only do a google search and you will find your answers.

The subject is very broad for someone to provide answers


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so what websites should u recommend for beginners

I think you really need to determine what kind of trading style you want to adopt, before you start thinking about fundament and technically analysis.

First do a search on this site or google trading plan. This should give you some insight on what to expect.

I'll use myself as an example... I would never do fundamental analysis, why because I don't have the patience, but Warren Buffet, and Jim Cramer made a living at so it what do I know. If I did it I would have exited the position, because I don't like sitting around waiting for the market to realize something is undervalued an then catch up.

So figure out your personality, start to think about how long you want to hold a position before you get bored waiting for it to move. If you are comfortable with buying a stock and waiting a 6 to 8 to 12 months for a return then so be it, fundamental analysis may suit you, if not then you need to start looking at technical analysis and price action to make your trading decisions.

Generally speaking I think the guys that do fundamental analysis buy when something is under valued, and then sell it when it is overvalued, but that could take months, or years before they exit, because they believe in the company and their valuation of it.

Hope that gives you some insight.

I am sharing the difference between the technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is a studying statics that is generated by the market activities and fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating securities by attempting to measure the value of stock.


Regarding fundamental analysis I recommend you's fundamental stock screener
(Stock Screener - Overview).
If you are already familiar with most fundamental analysis terms you can filter stocks according to them.
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