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Can anyone help me chosing some charting software !

I'm looking to quickly view performance of FTSE (100) shares, I need to be able to flick through each company one at a time, hopefully something will allow this without typing the companies name each time

any ideas ?

will SierraChart do this?



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Without knowing exactly what you wish to look at in the 100 it is hard to make a recommendation but you might like to have a look at Sharescope for End of Day as this would not involve you in much cost and it is well suited to manipulating portfolios against fundamental data. Its not bad for basic charting either.

When you have had some experience with it you will be much better placed to make a longer term choice for the future.

Have you had a look through the software guide - if not you may well find some help there.


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general trend of ftse100 individuals

I'm looking to quickly check each share in the FTSE 100 to see the trend in general - then decide which one to investigate - end result a spread bet .

Thanks for all help


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If it's eod day you want, sharescope is exactly what your looking for. You can set up your portfolio with whatever you want in it, then run a slideshow which will run through all the charts at a time interval set by yourself - so you don't need to touch the keyboard at all.



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TahoeCharts EOD

eSignal will be releasing a new EOD program covering over 80 exchanges including London, Europe, and the US markets in about 2 weeks.

You can store a portfolio of 500 symbols at a time of any stock or future.

This will be based on TahoeCharts located here:


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