FTSE 100 strategy


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I am new to betting world and will bet on FTSE 100.

Any useful strategies from experts to predict FTSE 100 for the next day, up/ down?

Which website is best to read updated news related to FTSE 100 throughout the day?


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I have a belief (and of course others may have different beliefs and therefore disagree with this) that all parts of a trading strategy need to be linked and worked out before a trade with real money is placed.

A minimum checklist for me would be to establish
1 Beliefs assumptions and logic of the trading edge you believe you have found
2 Set up criteria and filters
3 Triggers
4 Entry techniques
5 Initial stop definition and potential reward
5 Bet size / position sizing algorithm
6 Exit techniques
7 Re entry techniques
8 Rules for bets in combination.
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