FTSE 100 Intraday - December


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and so , into the 12th and final round.

didnt really get anywhere, either up or down in November.

Resistance on the left of the chart was predictable but so far
it has not caused a major sell off.

Support is probably around 4080 if its needed ?

The forseeable upside could still be 4600. i.e the top of the channel.


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Is this of any use to anyone ?

Don't forget , it's a leap year !

I have just found out that equity options now expire on
3rd Friday and not Wednesday !

so I have changed the chart.

E&OE ?


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has your cmc set up changed over the weekend....mine has. Ive got Dutch index bets where all my index bets used to be etc :-(
all the delights of mm5.
I gather its picking up a mixed reputation.
When she was good .........

seems we have now reached my 4380.
(see november thread)

am now short
hit my target too but missed my entry doh!! so waiting to see if I get a second chance...probably unlikely
decided to close. while the quote is in my favour.

seems to have found some support for now.
Morning all. Haven't traded yet today. Think the Dow will spike up later so we might go higher yet, but trading seems to be range bound for now.

Also thinking that last year the Ftse peaked late Nov and the Dow on the 2nd Dec, the day after Thanksgiving. Waiting for a decent entry point to go short.

been looking at indicators this morning. came across your U/D
- do you look at it for ftse?


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don't use it to trade ftse but its not unhelpful.

that label might have been confusing. so have changed it.


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Hi Barjon

Have just seen your posts at the end of the November thread. I was wondering what volume you are displayiing? On the futures there was very high volume on Tuesday and Wednesday last week (Tuesday was the highest). I'll post the chart when I work out how to do it! :D

just the daily share volume on ftse. interesting that futures
volume was high - must tell the trained mind something I
suppose, but quite what I don't know.

what trading platform have you finished up with?

I am trading with IB. For charts I am using Sierra with MyTrack when it's working(!), and the IB feed when it's not. I hope that daily volumes are fairly reliable, but I know there have been comments on other threads about intraday being less so.

what's winners and losers looking like - a lot of reds
appearing on my screen.


I wasn't questioning volume figues - just interested to know
how you'd finished up after your previous crew bit the dust.
back again, for a while anyway.

creeping up and supported by that double gap on friday ?
(one to store away for the future perhaps)
Around +60 and holding.

if you want to follow it - turn on the tele .
page 200 on bbc2 or 500 on ch4.
pant, pant, puff, puff

rushed donwstairs to turn on tele in lounge to page 200, ran into
living room to see a bit of Blomberg, then back upstairs to my
computer. Really must get better co-ordinated!!!!!

you can watch/listen to bloomberg on the internet.

or for £40 get a tv card ? and run a cable and watch both.