FT100 live prices and charts!

Bullish Bear

I use lycos live charts to follow the Dow live with streaming charts (for free!)
Does anyone know if there is a similar facility for the FT100?

Best wishes

As far as I know there isn't one. Yahoo is upto date for FTSE though it's not streaming.

Hi B'Bear
Try ADVFN streaming charts. It may be adequate for you. You need to fill a short registration but it's free!
Don't think there is anything similar for FREE for ftse....However, www.citycomment.co.uk also has a r/t chart (but not much else)... It's not very good, but can be used when yahoo isn't working....

What you may want to do is install a program called "Autorefresh" from http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Reviews/r136.html

and set it to refresh that yahoo ftse page every 30 secs or so....

All this courtesy of the cheapskates guide to internet sharetrading :)
and all IMHO ofcourse...
:cool: :p ;)
Latest QuoteTracker amendment supports free ADVFN live feed for indices.

Only got update today so haven't tried it yet - will advise tomorrow on performance.