Free streaming charts?


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I gather that Lycos/ has now stopped free access to their intraday streaming charts for the Dow,Nasdaq,S&P etc.
Anyone know of another site with same data that is still free?
Register with a different user name ,password and you will get free for couple of weeks.
I have been opening up the Lycos livecharts window and then opening up another identical window with the same info say 2/3 minutes later and keep on switching between the two when they time out.

Not ideal and I actually plan to upgrade, but it works as an interim.

Hope this helps.
Neat idea Mark-I suppose I'll have to upgrade too but will try that for a while
Many thanks
Last week I started using Quotetracker free software. It is possible to get free streaming data but I decided to splash out and spend $15.95 a month for streaming data.

You can have full screen charts with lots of indicators and can draw trendiness, fib. lines etc.

Much more fun than Lycos and, so far, a lot more reliable.