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O god ) i did not liked you too - you blow all your investors. i did not wanted to invest in you - all i did asked how to join you and i was shure you loose all. Forex will kill any strategy that make > 50% per 1 month. Remember it for your Future
told you to reduce your risk. But you not hear me. in the end, you are angry and lie that I wanted to invest in you - in fact, there is nothing to invest in. You asked 500 USD fee for Copy you under your ib (crazy from start). Sometimes greed kills people and their strategies
I hope life has taught you something. But i am not sure

So what is the conditions was to copy you? 500 $ from start need to send you to copy your 100 USD account with 44% drawdown? All accounts loosed and not updated at myfxbook
I think your system maybe was good but in your philosofy you wanna show big % of gain at smal account - finally loose them all with big drwdown. Risk problem , i told you, but you wanted receive 500$ for nothing at start from every user. We have what we have. Just wanted to show your real face

Huh? What are you talking about? Do you think I would add anyone to this promo account??? ITS CLEARLY WRITTEN ON MY WEBSITE, THAT THIS PROMO ACCOUNT IS FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! Copy clients are connected to a much safer account, which is now 1 year old! You don't need to show my "true colors", I don't hide anything, I am very open with all my clients, I am open about everything on my website, I am not promising anything in advance, just my experience and work. And yes, you wanted to buy the copy EA and I refused, because I simply knew I didn't want you as a client. I refuse people weekly, this business is not for everyone and I don't want to take advantage of anyone. If I see that someone has unrealistic expectations, I politely ask him to move along.
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