Friday 13th!


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Has anyone got the bottle to trade today? :)
seriously though, I would firstly like to say that having just discovered this site, after lurking on TMF, is like a breath of fresh air. You chaps & chapesses are in another world. I`d wondered where all the decent posters from TMF had gone.

If anyone`s interested, I`ve been at this game for about 3YRS now. I trade the Dow using a combination of EMA`S and S/R levels, and take trades based on what the Dow, S+P & to a lesser extent the Naz futures are doing because they ( S+P in particular) lead the Dow by it`s nose.
I use SB`S for a few reason`s, you can adjust your stake after losing and winning streaks, much easier than having to adjust by whole contracts. I also love watching the firms hammer their prices up or down on a gap, and then when we all fade the gap, you make more than the market actually moves as they rush to come back into line. (This happened yesterday on the Dow)
As for bias, by basing trades on the futures it`s not a problem. AS I don`t scalp for just a few points, the couple of points extra I pay in spread is less of a factor. (Why do people continue to moan about widths of spreads? just stop trying to use an inappropriate futures methodology for SB`s}
My stops are placed based on the SB firms graphs and not anyone else`s, so as to be in the correct place for what I`m actually trading. Although the only physical stop I place is at B/E. After all we are dealing with MM`s who aren`t above giving the quote a little "pop" close to a gathering of stops.
Sorry about the length of post, but It`s an indication of how good I feel this site is, spea to you all again soon.
PS Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own. Can anyone name the author?
Hi stevem12,

Welcome to t2w! We look forward to sharing your wisdom/experience having survived through one of the longest bear market for last 3 years.

Even on Friday the 13th I wish you happy and profitable trading!

Best wishes!
Welcome Stevem12. You should feel at home here.

And the answer to your question is Bruce Lee! :)
I was just about to post 'Bruce Lee' in answer to the question, then noticed that I'd been pipped to the post by RogerM, so well done Roger!
Okay Roger & Skimbleshanks you both get extra brownie points for being a pair of smartiepants ;)
I have been a follower of Bruce & his JDK ideas for decades. His ideas about a rigid structured method being of little value in the real world, and that you must adapt to a given situation/opponent is about as good an analogy for trading success as I can come up with.
hi stevem12 and all. I couldn't agree more that this site is excellent. I love trading friday 13th because people r anxious and this can give an advantage to Market Makers. See what the MMs do, watch the volume, and tally ho!!!(We all know its not that easy:))

As to the question- I thought it was Kenny of South Park- cause he is always looking for tips, can't see much of what is before his eyes, and has his own style of dying at the end of each episode. I think hes one of us :)
i got hammered yesterday