Free Trading Seminars


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CITY INDEX is holding two free trading seminars ( real trading seminars, not a sales pitch for CITY INDEX, except for a 5 minute " would you like a free bet " speech, ) in the auditorium at the Bloomberg TV studios in London.

The seminar will cover basic and advanced technical analysis, and the importance of psychology in trading, and will be run by Tom Hougaard.

The two seminars take place on the 4th September and the 10th September 2003. There is a maximum of 30 places per seminar. There will be food and refreshment as well.

To register, or if you require further information regarding any seminars please call Kurtis Winn on 020 7550 8566 or email him on [email protected]
I will make sure it will be a good one, and hopefully we can go and have a glass of milk somewhere afterwards