Doh !!

That's just down the road from me and I'd love to go but I won't be in the country till the 17th.


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Cheers MX.

That's just made me wanna go more - and I can't !!!!!

Does anyone know whether this will happen again.

Bet it doesn't - or if it does it won't be right next to where I live !

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Pasted this from the page........

As you can see, this is an impressive line up of topics which will appeal to anyone thinking of investing on the stock market or indeed, any other kind of investment. Places are proving popular so book your place NOW using the form below.

If you cannot make it on the day, but don't want to miss all of this valuable information, there will be a full UNEDITED video recording of the seminar, which will be published on CD ROM (playable on any PC running MS Windows and Internet Explorer) and VHS video cassette for £39.99. If you order within the next SEVEN DAYS, you can deduct 50% which gets you the CD or video for just £19.99. You can still attend the seminar for FREE and then watch the video over and over again to extract the most from this unique event. Click Here to order the seminar on CD/VHS video cassette.

Youll have to go to the page to get it
Hi all

Thanks to Sukhi for the thread.

Can't make the seminar, but the CD has already been ordered.

Thanks all