Free Seminar (WIN)


Does anyone have any knowledge of the 'Winters Investment Network' free seminars being offered by email via ADVFN?


Ahh yes, this is someone who went on one of the early Chris Manning courses. Perhaps he worked out that there is more money to be made in teaching people rather than trading himself? He certainly seems to be making it a full-time occupation based on the number of free seminars and courses he says he is running.

I've not attended the free seminar, although I've received an email from him which beggars belief as to some of the claims made in it. When challenged on these claims at the free seminar, Darren Winters pointedly avoided answering them, apparently.

But of course, there are a lot of people out there who have suffered drops of 20-25% per annum on their pensions, and are desperate to recoup these losses by trading themselves. To them the claims sound like music to their ears. If you're selling a £1,600 or thereabouts course, you're hardly likely to tell people the real hard facts about how difficult it is to make money by trading. Just ask any of the 'old pros' on this board - I'm sure they'll agree that it's not just as simple as going on a course!

When Chris Manning did his technical analysis courses in the UK a few years ago, there were no sites like T2W discussing TA so to find out about trading you really had to go on a course. Things have moved on leaps and bounds since then, and there's more information on these boards about TA and trading than you'll ever get in a course.

But if you think it'll save you reading hundreds of posts, then the course might be for you.
I looked into this recently and while they do offer you a free 3 hour seminar it is clear from all the things that are covered within it they will be paying lip service to the various subject matters. I suspect that if you are a complete novice then there maybe some limited knowledge gained to begin working from in researching further but to get you in a strong position to make large profits I think not.

What this is all about is trying to wet you appetite and signing up for the next course which is 2 days and cost £2,300 down from over £3k and then one of there clubs. I had meant to keep open minded about this and have got tickets to go to any of the next 4 days seminars in London but having given it some thought I have 3 years practical experience and I very much doubt the free seminar will be beneficial to me and have decided to give it a miss.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Sounds like my time would be better spent studying the apparently excellent 'First Steps'.