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Thanks for that gem Robin. I know a lot of you will have data, BUT here you will find the most obscure Tickers for example SMX = FTSE small cap index, UB49 = Tobacco and many more.......BOOKMARK IT!

Nice find.


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Welcome to the club Rob and look forward to viewing you further posts.

Endorse what Martin says about your gem


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no, i clicked on the link , got nothing and thought , that was quick .....another dodgy trading site banned.

(actually, when i did stocks, i used to use this site for the 'before /after the bell' sections.)


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valmal said:
What are the best sites on the web for real time market data? I have just started trading (I am from the US- just moved to London in October) and need to find a good, reliable service to use. I came across one site that looks pretty good through a google search, does anyone know anything about this service/company/site? It looks great because it says it is absolutely free and designed especially for active traders. I have heard it is very hard to find accurate, quality prices and news without having to pay tons in membership fees. So could this service be for real? Has anyone out there signed up for it yet?

The link is:

Any feedback anyone can provide would be great because I am just starting out and can use any advice I can get!

Thanks all,

That one is going to put the cat amongst the pigeons, if the service is any good - Advfn and MoneyAM will have kittens! (to mix the animal metaphors)


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zzaxx99 said:
That one is going to put the cat amongst the pigeons, if the service is any good - Advfn and MoneyAM will have kittens! (to mix the animal metaphors)

Not quite sure what that means, as I have not yet mastered all of the British phrases, but a colleague told me that means it is going to be a good service and all of the other companies are going to be scrambling when this comes out!


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There you can get real-time but not streaming data in basic or Technical chart for European and US indices.
Try one of mine..^SPX&t=5d&l=on&z=l&q=c&p=e200&a=m26-12-9,ss&c=

But where can I find real-time data for Nikkei without selling my bike...?


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Digitallook asked me to beta test-I suppose for somebody their stuff works,but on the Mac it doesn't work at all(good of them to tell me) and on PC the home page has text 3 inches high-as usual utterly pathetic carp. I am so sick of the ****ing carp we get trading the UK I shall be marching on May 1st and kicking some flabby backsides.Stop the city? It never even started-it is STILL a bunch of moribund deadbeat loser horrays,messing around losing millions in all those lovely funds that the public soeagerly invest in.Angry moi? If the FSA ever gets out of bed from decades with their city boyfriends,the public might stand a chance. ALL data should be free-like in the US. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr


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Data is not free - the data providers must pay real-time royalties back to each exchange. So, if you ever see "free realtime data" it's unlikely to be the case unless the company concerned is trying to build some sort of market share.

There is an exception to this - many indices are allowed to be distributed realtime.



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As one who only trades indices short term and equity options longer term-just one site that provides frre data would be nice-and ADVFN doesn't work either! We are stitched up deliberately so as not to make the 'pro's' look like the losers we know they really are! I presume Digitallook are trying,but it's been hopeless so far-but what's wrong with 1 min. delayed data for free,and we put up with advertising?
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