Free advice from a pro trader-just post

Hey, guys. I have been a professional trader for over 10 years. I have traded for Morgan Stanley and been on the NY and American stock exchanges. If anyone needs any help or questions answered, feel free to post.


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oh yeah ?

another door to door salesman

with pop ups !

uurrgghh !


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First of all bonsai, stop the negativity. I am a member of several investing forums and I am well respected for the expert information and help I can provide people. I do not shamlessly advertise in the forums, but do offer assistance to those in need. Plus, the services we do provide if someone wants them have a 10 year track record of above average results, we are not some fly by night operation.


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Broker1107 -

it might look somewhat better if every post you made didn't seem to hype up you and your company and promote your own website. I have already edited one of them as the advertising was rather blatant and is not permitted on the boards.

We welcome all new members, but you must understand that initially posts like yours will be treated with some scepticism, as there are one or two unscrupulous people out there.

If you begin to make some genuine, valid contributions to the board then I'm sure you will see people's opinions change.

Thanks in advance,



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Why don't you post us your ideas on the current market and we will see how they pan out. No harry hindsight crap but trades you would take now. Messages are time stamped so that will provide proof.
Who knows, if you get lucky somebody might start to listen to your shit.


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I hadn't realised you had already been blatantly advertising

But rossored's point is perfectly valid.

How about a contribution right now (before the payroll figures)

Then we can all benefit.
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I'll jump on this bandwagon.

I've got roughly 4 day experience of feeding myself, and consider myself somewhat of an expert. If anyone would like to ask me questions regarding spoon technique or perhaps cake recipes just ask.

Otherwise I second the motion that broker broker1107 distribute his thoughts and advice for our indulgence.

The pantheon should not wait for the prayer.

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I'm thinking of starting my own thread called:

"Free advice from an amateur trader"

The results will be the same as yours though broker1107 - pony.


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There’s only one fair way to settle this dispute which would be as bonsai suggested. Lets work on the basis that the expected is 120, on a higher/lower/unchanged basis you have a one in three change of getting it right.

I, using the scientifically proven method of eeni-meeni-miini-mo, have arrived at the conclusion that the figure will be higher. This is without any premeditated thought on the matter.

Now if you provide us with your forecast we can gauge whether you 10 years of experience put you in better stead than a 4 year old child eliminating the two other potential possibilities with a nursery rhyme.


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When I played Rugby ,being at the bottom of a ruck felt a bit like this thread...LOL


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yes welcome to the board broker, as you can see we are all friendly here and in no way cynical (hehehe)

if you are genuinely trying to be helpful you will be made very welcome, but if like so many others tou are setting us up for some useless and blatant attaempt at SPAM...then do one.


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have a 10 year track record of above average results, we are not some fly by night operation. [/B]


If $200 to $4630 in 30 days is 'above average results'

I'd love to see what sort of returns you generate when you get things really right......

And if you post stupid comments on your website like;

"Learn the hidden secrets brokerage firms don't want you to know about getting approved for certain option trading levels. In the past, these levels have only been reserved for wealthy traders."

"Create a six figure income with a few hours of work per month."

You have to be ready for people attacking you for giving the impression that you're selling get rich quick schemes with hardly no effort - Just a couple of hours work a week - You too can compete with the pros etc etc.

Remember this is the UK you're talking to and we're all a little bit more cynical than in the US. Adjust your sales pitch and marketing accordingly.


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I think all you nasty cynical people have frightened him off - shame on you all! Such a pity,these type of posts can be quite entertaining.


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