Found you at last!


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Hello all!
Having been away for three weeks, I return to find C.I. being re-vamped and no BB!
A kind man gave me Pigsy's site so I am very glad to find all the usual suspects here again.
Being away probably saved me a lot of money because I have been very liquid for some time and was getting twitchy to buy but I have managed to lose some dosh already by buying BSkyB and B.T.and today I've bought Marconi and the Dec FTSE!
Most of you sound a wee bit depressed and lacking in confidence which is not surprising in this market but things always look the worst before the turn-here's hoping for a better market in the next few days.


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Welcome back, spock...
You must have great luck to be away for the last 3 weeks of turmoil...just don't rush in picking your axe up yet..

Hi Spock
Please forgive Cookie for repeating himself the MMs have him rattled at the mo.


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Welcome back Spock.........poor old Cookie is spluttering and stuttering, either with his losses or his not so friendly MM's, or maybe his mouse developed a twitch.



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John, I thought about this jumping up and down non-stop and came to the conclusion that he's trying to make everyone of us feel dizzy so he can win the competiton..he may slow down after the competiton.. :)


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Welcome back Spock, another mare of a day on the market. There must be some unbelievable bargains but be careful. Market will probably continue south until 11th December ish when, hopefully there will be a turn around. Don't hold me to it. Good luck mate.

Can you do a mind melt? I've got an MM locked up in my cellar


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