found by accident


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hi everyone, i was suppose to be attending Alan's open day programme on tueday 12th, but i got lost and ended up in lakeside shopping i went into borders bookshop and bought a book on day trading called ELECTRONIC DAY TRADING 101 by sunny j. harris.fantastic book for anyone totally new and wants to know about daytrade and explains nasdaq level II screens very well.

I got something out of the 8 hours drive and a waiste of a day.

thought i'd let you alla know

Sorry you had such a bad accident(finding Lakeside) :cheesy: . Get better soon. :cool:

Good luck(from near Bluewater) ;)

isn't lakeside the total opposite side of london to where Naz is!

WOW - wicked navigation m8 - bit like the way some of us navigate our lives ....:(
no i was still half asleep,thats no excuse crap at navigating.
gutted tho, as i missed a fab opportunity to meet NAZ.and the bookshops in cardiff are c***.they dont hav many books on investing