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There is always a problem when it comes to trading, for traders. And this is because we are at a disadvantage just from wanting to trade. Most traders fail.
I think the most important thing, as a trader in Forex, is to compare 2 "inverses."

For example, look at the cd in relation to the ed...notice how the cd indicates what will happen with the ed, but it lags.

look how the ed suggests what will happen to the us

look how lumber indicates what will happen the the cd

look how the ed indicates what lumber will be doing....

there are many for and lumber

experiment. you can get a good idea of what will be happening when you contrast different interest rates with currencies, etc.

if you find this interesting, you should check out more of my work.
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It's interesting your opinion,maolivie and I also know that a good forex trader is learning all the time for be a better trader :D