Forex Myths


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I searched in Google about forex myths and find some forex myths like

1. Forex can make you rich quick
2. The forex market is rigged

for you if you know any.


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Then your going to tell me all your ex's live in Texas right?

5. That 4X is spelled forex.

I thought that was Australian beer or something they wouldn't give their wives right? :rolleyes:


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I dont see how forex cant make you rich if you can call your trades?

Lets say you are going to trade once, leveraged and you chuck in $10k and you win 200 pips or even a point lets say.

PROFIT$$? Ergo your argument is flawed.


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2. The forex market is rigged

I've never understood this. I don't get that whole idea. I think the propagation of the idea goes something along the lines of this: a trader is convinced he's made the right decision and then someone else with more "privileges" than you comes in and fraudulently makes the market do "what it shouldn't have," thereby negating your "perfectly sound decision, which should have worked if not for these a-holes coming in and effing everything up." I think this logic is arguable on many levels, though I'm not insinuating it's the logic you bear.

What do you mean by "rigged?"
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