Food processing Sector

I've been watching this for a while now and have started ot notice some interesting developments:

GLB - Glanbia has launched a powerful rally (and could now be touching resistance)

GET - Geest broke out to all time highs about two months ago and is consilidating - a bullish sign

DCG - Dairy Crest Group - seems to be consolidating near to all time highs

There are lots of other good stocks too including ITF, IAWS, RFD and CWK.

This sector has some nice stories to tell and has further to go IMHO.
I knew if I looked hard enough I 'd find this thread in the archives!

I've noticed that several stocks in this sector are showing interesting new highs.

CRM - just at resistance at a new high going back to april 99 and now looks like its going to break through. Decent volume and a Gap up a few days ago.
PII - has just broken long term resistance and going like a train. Note that this is due to change name and Epic soon. (Some links to Foot and Mouth and Biostocks?)
TATE - new high going back to Aug 2000 also broken resistance after testing several times

Also UNIQ has established a nice up trend.

GET looks like it has formed a symmetrical triangle but unfortunately seems to be not breaking out.