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I will start trading the mini dow using my new devised strategy(which I will not be revealing for now). Trades are executed on average once a month.
There's a 100pt profit target once a trade is executed, there is no stop loss. If target is not reached then current trade ends on the next trigger. Please just paper trade until i have backtested the strategy more thorougly

Past Peformance-

Date of Points made

13/08/03 100
01/09/03 100
07/10/03 100
18/11/03 100
05/12/03 100
14/01/04 -115
16/01/04 100

I know its not much of a back test but I only have EOD futures data for the current Q`H and Q`Z on seirra charts.
I would appreciate if some one could email me some more futures data.

For the first trade i have put a sell limit at 10582. If hit target would be 10482.
If the limit order is not triggered it will be ajusted according to tomorrows price action.
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Might be the Spread King ! Still lets not be cynical at this stage and give the guy a chance.


Salty Gibbon

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King Kong more like !

Salty Gibbon

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Sure as hell sounds like it.

Rumour has it that his trading company is called " Chameleon Trading Inc."


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A 100 point target with "no stop loss" (????)

That should set alarm bells ringing for everyone straight away in my opinion.

Sorry to be instantly negative, but no stop loss spells disaster in the long term. (in my opinion of course).


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Fruity said:
[...] there is no stop loss. If target is not reached then current trade ends on the next trigger.

I'm glad you suggested paper trading. Personally, I'd feel a little exposed with no stop-loss and waiting a full month to be able to get out of my trade on the next trigger if the target isn't met.

Out of interest (and I wouldn't want you to reveal your system) just how would we know WHEN to trade your system and the DIRECTION. A clue would be useful.


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Guys, give the bloke/chapess a break will guys are NOT moderators, not the T2W police. The evidence of public stonings is probably deterring numerous posters from posting their trades/strategies.

any input onto this BB is valuable. Experiences can be drawn from anything. at least fruity is trying to offer something positive here.

Even if my faith does prove to be misplaced in the future, innocent til proven guilty etc holds sway in my book. and it takes courage to post live trades on here for all and sundry to see. (viz my 120 point pasting yesterday lol!!)

lets just see how this system works out, and then perhaps constructive criticism can be used to refine it, and not let destructive criticism prevent us from learning more about trading.

over and out



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apologies, i didn't see your posts when i was composing my post. my previous comments were not directed at you.



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I am not related to Index King or Stock Market King ,but browsing through their posts they seemed like very generous people who where willing to share their trades and ideas to some of you hard off traders out there. They contributed a lot of good stuff to these boards. It’s a great loss they don’t post anymore.

I’ve been in this game for about a year and a half now. Since I started I have lost a great deal of money. Why? Because I was trading recklessly, I did not have a proper game plan. Well now I have, I have a few strategies under my sleeve that I hope I can follow with discipline. They have all been back tested to an extent that I am satisfied and confident to trade them.

The trades I am sharing are from a very simple strategy. Through my endless search of a good strategy. I have come to a conclusion that some strategies are better off with no stop loss; these tend to be longer term strategies that produce good signals for market turns. My strategy falls in this category.

My strategy is simple to follow; all I do is place a limit order once a signal is triggered. If the order is not activated then it will be adjusted according to that day’s price action.


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But what exactly is your strategy? Not the detail, but how would we know when you have a signal and which direction etc.?

What is it you're asking us to take a look at?


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Go for it Fruity- don't let anyone put you off.

If there is money to be made - then get your share.

Make sure your strategies are rigourously tested though as the markets do not take prisoners as you have already found out.


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Yeah, but no stop loss! Not even one 300 points away.

Have you ever had a margin call?

No stop loss over a month = absolutely raving m8
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