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I'm in the market for new flat screen monitors, about 17" or 19" maybe.

I was wondering if anyone had bought new monitors recently?

Most of the older TFT LCD seem to me to be quite opaque, I prefer to have full colour.

As always, there's lots of reviews but I'm looking for real time experience.

Any comments please.



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I bought one new about 2 weeks ago a Phillips 170s 17" flat screen. From ebay this was £250.00.
The quality is not as good as I get from the Samsung monitors I have, but they were £100 more for 17" and the 19" was £525. Also have a couple of Hansol monitors which are nice too and retail around £300.00.
Depends what you want it for. The Phillips one I use to continuously display TS charts and signals, it is great for that.
If you just want a screen for charts, the phillips one is good enough, nice colours and resolution, if you want something higher quality with lots of moving graphics then the Samsung wins. The Hansol screens are midway between the two.
Guess it shows that you get what you pay for.


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I use Relysis 17" for trading and CAD work . perfect .I think today's monitors are all up to scratch..


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I recently bought an AG neovo ( F -17C ) 17" flat screen from Ebuyer.com and am extremely pleased with it - terrific definition and colour and an amazingly bright image; I use mine at just a 30% setting ! At £240 I think it's a bargain.


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I bought a Viewsonic VP171S 17" digital LCD monitor with my new PC about 2 months ago, and find it gives excellent definition, colour rendition, brightness (too bright at max. setting) and contrast. Unlike my previous LCD screen, it has no noticeable "dead pixels" interfering with the view (a fault I often noticed on other rinal models). It also has a very stable, height/tilt adjustable stand, and will pivot thru` 90 degrees if you want to use it in portrait mode (software also provided). If you want to use more than one screen, side by side, it has a very thin bezel around the edge of the screen. As well as a digital input it has two analogue inputs, to suit whatever graphics card your PC may have. It`s not cheap (about £360), but after viewing many rival models and reading magazine reviews it seemed to be the best for my purposes. It came with all necessary cables, which I`m told are sometimes an extra with other makes.

When selecting any new screen, one thing I noticed was that performance was infuenced by the PC to which it was connected. Several times I saw different results from exactly the same type of screen connected to different PCs. Sometimes this was due to incorrect setting of the display options on the graphics cards, but even after optimising these the sharpness levels on similar screens varied widely. The spec. of the graphics cards themselves seemed OK, so I don`t think that was the problem. I asked numerous "experts" why this should be, but no-one could come up with a convincing answer. I only resolved it by following the suggestion from one "expert" that I should view my preferred screen linked upto a suitable PC before buying.
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