FINECO bank any good ??


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sorry moderator
but it was not any kind of advert
simply looking for a reliable futures broker preferably middle rank bank
this one offeres kinda one stop shopping for traders
which is very convinient
why I thought the others interested may know smth coz it is on british soil

lets look at this bank together
those of us who are tired of various crooks



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Thanks for the reply @Als, I've re-instated the link that was previously removed by a moderator, as I saw @Trading Spaces mentioned today one of their upcoming events in London, and it's fine to mention other brokers/services/sites, as long as we don't suspect any advertising is going on - which doing a quick check I don't believe there is.


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Has anyone heard of this broker?
Conditions look very enticing but how is it in real trading and other respects?
I signed up a few weeks ago. My primary reason was the multi-currency aspect but I then found out that being Java-based their in-house developed platform is more or less OS independent. As I like to use Linux wherever possible this was a clincher for me.

With regard to trading (I'm on CFDs atm) the functionality is way above the standard SB merchants and the choice of instruments and markets is pretty impressive.

Spreads on CFDs are fair when looking at what you get with the overall offer and the round trip on other instruments is competitive when compared to other brokers such as Berkeley Futures et al. They start at £6.95 per trade and that can go as low as about 4 quid if you trade enough.

Trading itself is what you'd expect from a decent well-established broker - I read somewhere that they've got well over a million clients in Italy and some 250k of these are trading/investing. Charting is adequate though my personal gripe is that whilst their p&f view is in real time, the rest of that view functionality is clunky and mildly annoying. A pity.

You are quite right about the one-stop-shop approach but they've only been going over here for a short time and the web interface leaves a lot to be desired. I find that it is often not at all intuitive and the help frequently not very helpful - That said, I'm going to stay with them as I intend to start trading futures again at some point and as far as the platform goes, they can only improve and I've already been quite pleasantly surprised to find that they do listen to criticism.

All in all, a pretty good effort for an outfit new to the UK market but definitely not an easy start for absolute beginners....and there ain't no demo account.