finding my way around my first online trading platform ?


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Hi, I'm new to trading, and new to iWeb, I transferred a Cash ISA into a stocks and Shares Isa and that amount showed up in the account.

I invested a total of £8000 for the first stage of my portfolio last night, those shares had a book cost of £7982.21 (I guess that's because it's impossible to buy precisely what you order) that's ok so far

today I made a loss through those companies of £203.79, leaving me a valuation of £7778.42, thats ok too, for now

however, if I take the cash balance left in the account, add the valuation figure and the loss, I would expect it to equal the original amount that was transferred.... and it doesn't. Forgive me for asking something that is I'm sure so completely simple, but I have a lot to learn

there are two things that I can see could make up some of the difference, firstly, there's a trade pending for £2000, and the fact that theres a £25 cost of opening the account fee (not shown on any statement) also the charges for placing the trades, but these are only £5 per trade

where am I going wrong ?