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Yes....Plus there are some rules on time vibrations on both bull / bear wave phases.

Time and price squaring is one of the most powerful techniques to use, but I don't think it would fit into the general context if this thread.



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Can you please take an active interest in this thread,I know you are very good at this and would like to continue to learn from you.I have read your work on TT and think it's some of the best I have come a cross.
Could you give us some detailed instructions on your methods in simple lay mans terms.
I am interested in your XABCD moves and I am convinced they work .
Kind regards


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Id also be very interested in hearing more about it a320.


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Is time and price squaring a Gann thing ?
I recall reading somewhere about the "square of 9" - is it something like that ?

do tell !


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Gnomonic expansion anyone? Still waiting. Feels increasingly like the land of smoke and mirrors here, and sellers of snake oil.


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Including Fibonacci Jimbo...?

It's a long, long way (and time) from Rabbit populations to here, but it has acquired a rather more general acceptability than Gann, Elliott and the even more esoteric disciplines.

There's no reason for that (nor not) as far as I can see.


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Thank you for the kind words..... :eek:
I'm on vacation at the moment, so now's not the best time for me to go off on one on this thread, give a couple of weeks , see how this thread develops & we'll take it from there..

Oh btw trendie, I would urge you to include the 38.2% ;)

a320 said:
As for retracements :cheesy:

Try to identify which Rhythm the market if tracing out... this will give a clear indication of future area's of support or resistance.

Eg Golden mean ( phi/fib) if the market makes a 61.8% correction it is likely to continue to the 161.8% on the impulse after the 1:1 length of the prior impulse is exceeded.

Golden mean ( phi/fib) series
Contracting.... 0.23.6 0.30 0.48 0.618 0.786
Expanding.....1.272 1.618 2.058 2.618 3.33

There are other Rhythms..The Square, The Cube and The Rectangle to name a few... something to Google :cheesy: or refer to Lawlors great work.....



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As a newbie and having an interest in using fibs, can someone suggest which graph type to use for eod tra :confused: ding in fib analysis. Should it be closing price or candles?


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I have always use candles or OHLC, candles in particular contain a lot of arcane knowledge; they are Japanese in origin I hink, and very inscrutable (g), there is a whole symbology to them.


zeeta said:
As a newbie and having an interest in using fibs, can someone suggest which graph type to use for eod tra :confused: ding in fib analysis. Should it be closing price or candles?


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jimbo57 said:
I was merely pointing out that ealier in this thread I asked what gnomonic expansion was and am still awaiting an answer. As a mathematician it interest me. Whether or not there is any need for that is an entirely different question.
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